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Intelligent dehumidifier

Intelligent dehumidifier

Intelligent dehumidification device adopts semiconductor cooling and dehumidification method. Actively draws the humid air in the enclosed space into the dehumidification air duct under the action of the fan. The water vapor in the air passes through the semiconductor refrigeration mechanism to condense into water, and then exits the cabinet through the water guide pipe. Can achieve a good dehumidification effect. By reducing the water content in the air, the relative humidity and absolute humidity are reduced at the same time, the temperature is hardly increased, and the negative impact caused by the temperature difference is not generated. The occurrence of accidents is fundamentally eliminated or reduced, and the interior of the cabinet is not accelerated due to high temperatures. Aging of components and cabinets. The intelligent dehumidification device changes the passive condensation prevention method to the active guidance condensation, which effectively prevents safety hazards such as equipment aging in the cabinet, reduced insulation strength, secondary terminal breakdown, material mildew, and corrosion of steel structural parts, ensuring the power grid. safe operation.

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