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Zero-sequence current transformer

Zero-sequence current transformer

Product Introduction Liling Huayi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has many years of professional experience in the production of zero-sequence current transformers. The product quality is better than the national standard GB1208-2006 "Current Transformer" and passed the type test of the electrical equipment quality inspection center of the Ministry of Power Industry. Products have been widely used in power, metallurgy, chemical, coal, building materials and other industries, and a large number of products are exported. The zero-sequence current transformer (cable type) has high-precision zero-sequence current transformers with various capacities, transformation ratios, accuracy levels, and accurate limit coefficients, as well as supporting small-current grounding line selection devices and various relays. High-sensitivity zero-sequence current transformers are divided into integrated and combined types. Made of ABS engineering plastic shell and resin casting, with full seal, good insulation performance, beautiful appearance,

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