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Overvoltage protector

Overvoltage protector

With the increasing use of vacuum switches, various operating voltages caused by their strong breaking capacity have raised new issues for the protection of power equipment. Due to some special characteristics of China's medium-voltage grid (3 ~ 66KV), conventional medium-voltage arresters are not sensitive to this type of operating overvoltage and cannot provide protection. TBP three-phase combined overvoltage protector (also known as YH three-phase combined lightning arrester) is a new product that appeared to solve this problem. This type of product adopts four-type connection (commonly known as trident-type connection) and sets a common neutral point, which can not only greatly reduce the phase-to-phase overvoltage, but also improve the relative protection level qualitatively. Effective voltage limit. The company's products are composite insulation, compact and compact, and fully vulcanized and fully enclosed. Select

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