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> Intelligent control device for switch cabinet
> Dry-type transformer temperature controller
> Switch status indicator
> Intelligent temperature and humidity controller
> Current transformer over voltage protector
> Network Power Meter
> Multifunctional Power Meter
> Electricity transmitter
> Digital electric meter
> Three-phase electronic multi-function energy meter
> 6 ~ 35kV primary harmonic elimination device
> Smart dehumidifier
> Zero sequence current transformer
> Surge protector
> Over voltage protector
> Electric heater
> Small current grounding line selection device
> On-line temperature measuring device for electrical contacts
> Microcomputer harmonic elimination device
> Dry transformer cooling fan
> Indoor air conditioner
> Motor Protector
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Intelligent dehumidifier

Intelligent dehumidification device adopts semiconductor cooling and dehumidification method. Actively draws the humid air in the enclosed space into the dehumidification air duct under the action of the fan. The water vapor in the air passes through the semiconductor refrigeration mechanism to condense into water, and then exits the cabinet through the water guide pipe. Can achieve a good dehumidification effect. By reducing the water content in the air, the relative humidity and absolute humidity are reduced at the same time, the temperature is hardly increased, and the negative impact caused by the temperature difference is not generated. The occurrence of accidents is fundamentally eliminated or reduced, and the interior of the cabinet is not accelerated due to high temperatures. Aging of components and cabinets. The intelligent dehumidification device changes the passive condensation prevention method to the active guidance condensation, which effectively prevents safety hazards such as equipment aging in the cabinet, reduced insulation strength, secondary terminal breakdown, material mildew, and corrosion of steel structural parts, ensuring the power grid. safe operation.

Zero-sequence current transformer

Product Introduction Liling Huayi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has many years of professional experience in the production of zero-sequence current transformers. The product quality is better than the national standard GB1208-2006 "Current Transformer" and passed the type test of the electrical equipment quality inspection center of the Ministry of Power Industry. Products have been widely used in power, metallurgy, chemical, coal, building materials and other industries, and a large number of products are exported. The zero-sequence current transformer (cable type) has high-precision zero-sequence current transformers with various capacities, transformation ratios, accuracy levels, and accurate limit coefficients, as well as supporting small-current grounding line selection devices and various relays. High-sensitivity zero-sequence current transformers are divided into integrated and combined types. Made of ABS engineering plastic shell and resin casting, with full seal, good insulation performance, beautiful appearance,

Surge protector

1 Purpose and scope of application 1.1 Surge protector (hereinafter referred to as "protector") is suitable for power supply systems such as TT, IT, TN-S, TN-C, TN-CS with AC 50 / 60HZ and below 380V, Lightning or surge overvoltage protection. 1.2 Normal working conditions of the protector 1.2.1 Altitude does not exceed 2000m; 1.2.2 Ambient air temperature: normal range: -5 ~ + 40 ℃ Exhibition range: -40 ~ + 85 ℃; 1.2.3 Relative humidity of the air; 30% ~ 90% at room temperature; 1.2.4 The inclination of the vertical plane does not exceed 5 °; 1.2.5 Places without significant shaking and shock vibration

Overvoltage protector

With the increasing use of vacuum switches, various operating voltages caused by their strong breaking capacity have raised new issues for the protection of power equipment. Due to some special characteristics of China's medium-voltage grid (3 ~ 66KV), conventional medium-voltage arresters are not sensitive to this type of operating overvoltage and cannot provide protection. TBP three-phase combined overvoltage protector (also known as YH three-phase combined lightning arrester) is a new product that appeared to solve this problem. This type of product adopts four-type connection (commonly known as trident-type connection) and sets a common neutral point, which can not only greatly reduce the phase-to-phase overvoltage, but also improve the relative protection level qualitatively. Effective voltage limit. The company's products are composite insulation, compact and compact, and fully vulcanized and fully enclosed. Select

Electric heaters

Road alloy comb heater is a new type of electric heater designed for moisture and dehumidification of power equipment. The heater uses a special aluminum alloy heat sink profile and a high-quality alloy electric heating wire. Its small size, beautiful appearance, uniform heat dissipation, fast heat conduction, large heat dissipation area, etc., thus ensuring that the service life of the electric heating wire is much longer than that of ordinary heaters, and can work reliably for a long time. Working voltage: AC220V Rated power: 50-500W

Three-phase power transmitter

■ Characteristics: Can measure three-phase active power, three-phase reactive power, isolated transmission and output analog signal measurement: three-phase three-wire, three-phase four-wire accuracy: 0.5% output: 0 ~ 20mAdc, 4 ~ 20mAdc, 0 ~ 10Vdc , 0 ~ 5Vdc and other analog signals

Small current grounding line selection device

Single-phase grounding is the most common fault in medium-voltage distribution networks. Although the system can continue to operate with faults after grounding occurs, due to the increase of non-fault phase-to-earth voltage, if it is not handled in time, it may develop into non-fault phase insulation damage. The threat of short-to-phase short circuits. The timely and accurate determination of the ground loop is the basis for quickly eliminating single-phase ground faults. The protection device that realizes the determination of a ground fault loop is often referred to as a low-current grounding line selection device, but early line selection devices often have incorrect selections and missed selections. Unsatisfactory. The small current grounding line selection device is a supporting product of a new generation substation automation system independently developed by Hunan Liling Huayi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. This product uses the comprehensive line selection theory based on the comparison of transient zero-sequence current amplitudes, and uses high-speed sampling to extract and analyze the moment of grounding occurrence.

DTSD, DSSD electronic three-phase multifunctional energy meter

Features (1) Four-quadrant reactive electrical energy is measured in a time-sharing manner, the forward and reverse active and reactive reactive energy rates and the maximum demand and their occurrence time, the total active and reactive electrical energy is measured, and the energy data is stored for 3 months. (2) Programmable 4 rates, 12 time periods, 5 day timetables, 4 time zones, 12 public holidays and three days of the Spring Festival. (3) It has a standby period function, and records the power data and the total number of switching times when the standby period was last switched. (4) The external clock chip has automatic calendar, timing and anniversary switching functions, and has temperature compensation. (

micro-computer harmonic eliminated protection device

In electric power system, ferroresonance occurs frequently. During ferroresonance, there will be overvoltage, which is a serious threat to the safety of the system. Ferroresonance overvoltage can occur in any system between 3Kv. To 220Kv .. Especially in ne

Electric contact on-line temperature measuring device

The electrical contact on-line temperature measuring device is an intelligent device used in high, middle and low voltage power systems (110KV, 6-35KV and 0.4KV) and electrical contact equipment with high temperature requirements. It integrates online temperature measurement, data acquisition and data analysis, and control functions into a modern high-tech product. Its various technical indicators can reach international standards. The online temperature measuring device of electrical contacts has the number of online temperature collection points that can be set, and the data continued units can be selected according to the site conditions. The device provides a communication interface that can be connected to a computer monitoring system, supports RS485 interface MODBUS communication protocol or multiple protocols, and the baud rate is optional.

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